ponedjeljak, 23. travnja 2012.

Nyx Cream Blush in Glow(05)

I adore cream blushes. So much better then the powder ones.When powder blush applied, it looks more "aggressive" and on top of the skin. With the cream blush, there is so much more to it! If applied correctly, it gives a dewy, natural "under the skin" look. It's easier to fix them if you did something wrong, much much easier to blend.

If you're thinking, "my skin is oily enough and no cream blush will do the job", you are wrong.The trick is to apply it at the end. After you apply the primer, foundation, setting powder and sketching (contouring), then comes the blush.

The brush I'm using is Illamasqua blush brush:

Using it on the lips with some dark purple Manhattan Eyeliner (36)

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  1. Divna mi je nijansa! Mislim da kad se jednom navuče da ću ih manje više sve pokupovati!