petak, 20. siječnja 2012.

Shimmery Shine.

Lordy lordy, two posts in two days! What have I become.
Seriously, it's raining here and I have no where to go for the next few hours, so I decided to make myself look pretty.

In these looks, I cannot reveale the eyeshadow product (it's the same pallette), because by accident it came to me as a fakey. Nevertheless I decided to use it. I was a little bit suprised of the pigmentation of such product. Still, buy the originals, in benefit of your beauty as well as your health.

četvrtak, 19. siječnja 2012.

Casual Renaissance.

Just love my Manhattan Powder Rouge elegant violet, and ofcourse Buck  and Naked from UDP
Essence meets Bourjouis.

Posers Unite! Artsy picture.

nedjelja, 1. siječnja 2012.

A Happy and a Merry.

Another shit year is on it's way.
Any New Year's resolutions? Maybe 1024x768? Probably not.

Seriously guys, hopefully this year will be hardworking, moneymaking and caring only for people that count. And no, you don't have to be good in math.

Happy happy.