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Sophie Inspires.

 Here are a few Sophie-I inspired looks!

On the first one I used a little bit of grayish eyeshadow on the crease, in the middle is skin colour eyeshadow, and some mascara, that's pretty much it.
The point in this look is to create a shadow in the crease, going upwards in the end (cat eye). Looks adorable!

 Here is something similar. The difference is that the crease is not so dark from the middle of the lid to the nose. This way you can open your eye and have that catish big eye. That yellow and warm brown colour are a joy to the brown eyes.

And final, this one is not so Sophie, but I love it. Dark purple with a pink shadow around it, very eyecatching but not as dramatic as a classic smokey eye.

As you can see, none of the looks have an eyeliner element. I actually like the way they look, soft and colorful.

Which of the tehniques you use? Are you happy with the way it turns out?


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