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Review #1.

Revlon Colorstay.

Price: 18,21$ (105kn)
Shop: Müller, Zagreb

When you google this Fond de teint, mostly you will find good or great reviews. I dare you to try.
As you know, every product can have different results, depending on your skin and it's attributes. Ofcourse, you can also find bad/the worst ever kind of reviews on this foundation. The point is, try it on your own skin before buying it, there's no point in wasting money.

You can find two versions, one for combination/oily skin and one for normal/dry. I purchased the first one.
Since it's winter, my skin is really dry, so I am still mixing it with my Nivea cream, and still gives a great result, without excesive oil and with good coverage.

Generally, the first version has better coverage then the second one, but both are mainly in the medium to strong coverage waters.
Be careful in selecting your version of Colorstay, otherwise you won't be pleased.

Container is a little glass bottle, without a pump or any help in getting the product out. I heard a lot of complains about that subject. I managed to find a better solution then just pouring it out. You can take one of your smaller/thinner brushes, stick it into the bottle and take as much product as you need without dripping it all around.

 In Croatia, 6-7 shades are available for purchase. I chose Natural Beige and it works quite good with my tone/undertone.

Another warning, after applying it, it takes only a matter of seconds to become fully dry, so be prepared with your stippling brush (probably the best way/tool to apply it properly). And! The colour becomes a little bit darker when it dries, so keep that in mind also.

People complain about the way it "smells". People are silly, it's really not that bad. And it goes away in a matter of seconds.

All in all, a very good quality for a low price. A true colorstay. For real, perhaps there will be some problems with washing it off, it's quite resistant (which is good I guess).

With this foundation you can throw away your smudgy, oily, sticky, skin drying foundation, and look your best.

Cool facts:
--> remember, it's not matte, but stops excesive oilying (lasted more than a few hours before the fun oilying began, and without the matte primer)
--> staaaays forever! If you don't have a good make up remover product thingy, you can might as well burn your face off
-->good coverage, low price, nice shades
-->natural look (for real)

Not so cool facts:
-->the container, which is not so bad, but still, Revlon, Y U NO make things easier for us?
-->the smell, or something like that

Thumb up!

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