ponedjeljak, 27. veljače 2012.

Sigma F80 also known as F(=!

Yes, finally. My Sigma F80! The box didn't survive.

Here is my F80 sunbathing.

And yes, I tried it right away, using Revlon Colorstay Combination. They work together flawlessly. I'm crazy in love.
Use it in circular motion, for a few minutes until the foundation completely buffes into your skin.
It's also perfect for almost anything creamy (such as cream blush), and blends it like nothing else.

I wanted to show you the results, but it's getting kinda dark here from all the sad rainy clouds, so I'll try again tomorrow.
Only one picture came right, and this is the Essence from the post New Items:

Purply one, 9,90 kn Muller

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