nedjelja, 18. prosinca 2011.

Red Goldie.

Yet again, as always in rush, I wanted to try out my fastest way of making a simple smokey eye. For this look I used a few items:

Urban Decay Naked Palette, half baked and smog
Essence Gel Eyeliner, midnight in paris
Max Factor 2000 Calories, curved brush
Essence I love Rock gloss eye pencil, black

Ofcourse, before applying these products, I had my primer, concealer and powder on.

The result:

            I'm not sure why did the eyebrow turn up so badly in the photo, but what it is, it is.

And the entire face (in red pimple filter as usual :]) :

The smokey eye process lasted for about 5 minutes, so it's the best look for one of those days "I'm out all day, need to look good but don't have time to get ready". Pretty much everyday, for me.

If anybody there (to all of my many many readers!) wants a photo tutorial of the steps for this look, just ask.
If not, fine! A parking ticket joke.

Merry holidays!

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