petak, 23. prosinca 2011.

Jersey Flu.

All of my plans had to be canceled today, flu got me once again.
Out of boredom I started to watch the Kim Kardashian show, it reminded me of Jersey Shore (all the tans and loads of make up, just loved it!), so I decided to play a game with my bronzer and smokey eye.
Here are the results! :D

Yes, I'm cold, but also lazy to bronze the neck!

Essence Bronzing Compact Powder Matt, 02 love to be matt
no name palette, grey, light greyish blue, shimmery grey
Smokey Eyes Set (Essence I think), 02 punk vibe
Max Factor Age Renew Fondation, 45 warm almond
Alverde Lipgloss, 53 cappuccino

The palette colours are (no kidding) on my eyes, but also on my face in a contouring purpose (didn't have a darker bronzer for the cheeks). The Max Factor foundation is on my lips, as a foundation for the Alverde lipgloss. That is pretty much it. Took me about 15 minutes to complete it.


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