utorak, 27. ožujka 2012.

Alter Black

And I'm back! If anyone noticed I was missing, my lack of entus cost us all a MakeUpYourMind blackout.
Speaking of black,  I was finally able to put something together.

Yes, the second one is a little bit polished, couldn't help myself.
Gloss is all around. Even on the eyelids.

On the lips we have a Manhattan Eyeliner Waterproof with some liquid gloss. Stays longer on its place then I expected. The same liner is on the eyes, as the gloss.

Ths is not a white mascara, I don't have that kind of money to spend it on white mascara. It's a little trick you do with your eyepencil (any colour), a lighter and a mascara wand (it's magic!). I'll do a little photo tutorial if requested.

That is pretty much it. Oh, and yes, the contouring. The camera is as usually showing details quite poorly, but you can still see it, it's there, I promise. Cheeks, chin, nose. Also will do a tutorial if requested.

Anyhoo, that's all folks.

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